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What we know already about Dinosaurs…

  • They eat plants
  • Some are carnivores
  • Dinosaurs lived on earth when people didn’t live.
  • Dinosaurs can eat other dinosaurs
  • They live far away
  • They lived on beaches and then they turned into fossils
  • I think they live at the centre of the earth in Dinosaur land
  • Dinosaurs eat meat and roar
  • They spray fire out of their mouths
  • They are big and small
  • Dinosaurs lay eggs
  • Some dinosaurs are big and some are.
  • They have sharp teeth.

What we want to find out…?

  • Where do dinosaurs live?
  • What does a dinosaur egg look like?
  • When did dinosaurs die?
  • How do dinosaurs swish their tails?
  • How do dinosaur eggs grow?
  • How do dinosaurs roar?
  • How do dinosaurs lay their eggs?
  • How do dinosaurs stomp their feet?
  • Where do dinosaurs sleep?
  • Can dinosaurs swim?
  • How fast can a dinosaur run?
  • How do they walk?
  • Are all dinosaurs the same size?
  • How many eggs do dinosaurs lay?

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